It's been few months that I started to use Parsec as my choice of RD solution. Microsoft's Remote Desktop was great but having to know IP address, which changes not much but quite frequently, or to use 3rd party solution for dynamic IP problem, was somewhat inconvenient, not to mention lack of proper security.

Parsec is free, reliable and extremely convenient with little to no hassle. From simple login with 2FA using Authy to easy to use UI with intuitive yet versatile settings, you miss out nothing using Parsec over Windows's own RD. Only problem is that you can't log in to Windows via Parsec. The host needs to be logined. But that's quite obvious anyway.

Using maximum bandwidth I can setup in Parsec(50 Mbps) and having at least above average, 1Gbps internet connection, remote experience is nearly seamless. I mostly use parsec via public wifi in places like cafe, which, to my experience, have about 80-100 Mbps top. It seems like it's just enough to use Parsec without actually realizing that I'm using RD.

Latency Details, about 20ms in wireless laptop setup.

I can't say that Parsec is perfect. You will not want to play FPS titles or fast, competitive online games, although, with wired connection, they definitely are playable, way better than Steam Remote Play. But thanks to reasonably low latency(under 30ms!), even with wireless settings, you will have absolutely no problem playing games like Planet Zoo or Cities: Sky Lines (although middle mouse button doesn't work only in this game for some reason). I even use Virtual Machines in remote device and they work like charm all the time.

Parsec even supports iOS, Android, and Linux. Although it's bit finicky, you can basically bring your beefy, gaming grade desktop anywhere using your phone. Raspberry pi in your living room TV can now play triple A titles.

Seeing how good Parsec is, I think the future is bright bright for streaming in general. Parsec changed the way I use my computers and I don't think I ever want to go back now.